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The 3rd International Open Data Conference (IODC)

Erik Waddell|

From May 28-29, 2015 hundreds of open data experts, senior government officials, industry leaders, and civil society champions from around the world will gather in Ottawa, Canada to take stock of the evolution of the global open data movement and work toward charting a course for its future.

Sponsored by Canada’s International Development Research Centre, the Government of Canada, and the World Bank, the 3rd International Open Data Conference (IODC) will focus on building a collaborative international agenda to convert open data talk into action.

Open data holds enormous potential to support democratic institutions in all countries, and enhance development efforts around the world. At the IODC Canada aims to provide a space where a solid foundation can be laid for a truly global open data movement that will explore how technology and open collaboration can strengthen democracy and build prosperity.

An Agenda for Enabling the Data Revolution

The IODC will open with high-level Canadian government representation and feature keynote speakers addressing the role and importance of open data.

The remainder of the first day will feature panels and discussions on the transformative role of open data in specific sectors and issues, including: health; agriculture; education; natural resources and the environment; open cities and local data innovation; parliaments; and government and fiscal transparency.

These panels will bring together selected leaders from around the world to take part in debates leading to a better understanding of the specific challenges and global opportunities for open data to revolutionize activity in these sectors of society and the economy.

The first day will finish with a gala reception at which conference participants will be able to mingle and network at one of Ottawa’s best reception venues.

The second day of the conference will build on the conversations and work of the first day and be organized along thematic tracks, including: unlocking the supply of high quality open data; strengthening the use and impact of open data standards; promoting the adoption of data solutions; and ensuring inclusion and broad participation so that everyone can benefit from the data revolution.

The IODC will close with a final plenary session to pull together the results and achievements of the conference into a collaborative agenda document. This document will reflect the collective efforts of different groups that contributed to the debate in Ottawa. The final session will also include important announcements about the future of open data in Canada and around the world.

An Agenda for Civil Society Collaboration

In addition to the main conference agenda, the two days prior (May 26-27) will feature a number of key open data civil society led summits. The kickoff event will be an international Unconference, organized by the Open Knowledge Foundation, ABRE LATAM, and Canada’s Open North. The Unconference will be a full day summit organized by open data civil society organizations, with the agenda set by the participants at the opening of the day.

Following the Unconference, a number of organizations will hold key meetings in Ottawa, including: Open Data for Development (OD4D); the ODI/OGP Leaders’ Network; IATI; Follow the Money; Open Contracting Data Standards; the Open Data Research Symposium; the OGP Open Data Working Group, and others.

Make Your Voice Heard

We are in a time of revolutionary change. More and more governments, civil society, the private sector and even individual citizens in countries around the world are recognizing the value of open data and its potential for transformative impact. Open data fosters improved governance, supports citizens’ rights, spurs innovation, and promotes collaborative solutions to problems being faced by governments, communities, and individuals.

With this in mind, the IODC is looking for your help shaping the agenda.

An open call for program content is now underway. From now until February 20th the IODC is inviting open data experts and advocates in government, civil society, and the private sector to come forward with their ideas, success stories, and topics for debate and to help organize discussions and workshops at the conference.

The IODC aims to host a truly collaborative, global agenda. If you think you or your organization has something to offer, please contribute!

Come and join us in Ottawa in May

Pre-registration for the IODC is now open. We invite you to come and explore a wide variety of open data issues and collaborate on charting the future of open data at the 3rd International Open Data Conference, May 28-29, 2015, in Ottawa, Canada.


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