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Do We Trust Democracy?

Building the Common Good

There is no doubt that the current parliamentary democratic system is facing a widening distrust amongst the electorate.

A Shared Ambition in Defence of Democracy

As the 2019 European elections approach, with them comes the rejuvenation of Europe’s political representation. Although I face the end of my time as Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, I look beyond the horizon with eagerness and hope, towards a time of pragmatic change for Europe. But caution prevails...

Looking for Responsible Political Leaders for Climate Change

For the past six months, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has been striking in front of the house of representatives in Sweden. She is requesting political leaders to respect their international commitments to reduce CO2 emissions...

Battles for Ideas

We stand before one of the most difficult predicaments of post-Cold War politics in Europe. Four elements are working in tandem to increase the sense of alienation of Europeans from their polity, while also boosting fringe parties in many European Union (EU) member states...

Role Update: The Civil Servant in the Networked Society

When reading about Sweden being the most democratic country in the European Union (EU)2 you would be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t too many challenges to democracy here. Look beyond the rankings, however, and you will find room for improvement.

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