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The following text was contributed by the Government of Dominican Republic. 

For 10 years, government of the Dominican Republic has been interested in implementing initiatives that promote citizen participation, to bring about change to an open management and to increase the levels of transparency.

Within this context, the country can exhibit significant achievements in terms of institutions and their path to a true rule of law like participatory processes for constitutional reform of 2010, the National Development Strategy 2010-2030 and the compendium of commitments in a Participatory AntiCorruption Initiative 2010-2012.

For being immersed in these efforts, the Dominican Republic adheres to the Open Government Partnership to strengthen and legitimize the results achieved and, in turn, commit to the development of major initiatives, through consultations with civil society and the cooperation of international organizations.

From the Presidency were coordinated and executed actions for consultation processes to develop the first Action Plan of the Dominican Republic, which commitments respond to ten fields of action of the Public Administration:

  1.  Information Openness
  2. Strengthening Transparency and Oversight agencies
  3. Professionalization of Public Service
  4. Citizen Participation
  5. Supplement to the General Law on Free Access to Public Information
  6. Personal Data Protection
  7. Egovernment
  8. Creating One-Stop Shops
  9. Promoting Open Government
  10. Ensuring compliance with the constitutional principles

The Directorate of Ethics and Integrity Government was created as Open Government governing body, with the responsibility of monitoring the progress of the action plan, and to identify new projects to improve government processes in collaboration with the citizens.

The major commitments of this Directorate focus on:

  1. Awareness of government institutions as to further engage citizens to endorse management decisions, through the open government website and swap with stakeholders (government and civil society);
  2. Promoting of public information disclosure in open format through Open Data Publication Standards for Dominican Government.

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