North Macedonia

Joined 2011

The following text was contributed by the Government of Macedonia. 

Republic of Macedonia is continuously working towards improvement of the operational efficiency of the state institutions, better transparency and access to information, fight against corruption and provision of high quality public service for the citizens and businesses by using the power of technologies and innovations.

By joining the Open Government Partnership, the Government of Republic of Macedonia pledges to continuously improve itself on the foundations of open, transparent, reliable and efficient government institutions that communicate and cooperate with the citizens. The obligations for transparent implementation of the government activities as well as inclusion of NGOs are priorities high on the agenda of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia. The civil sector accumulates significant creative energy that should be more actively used in the public sector by improving and cherishing the culture of inclusion and respect of rights for all citizens in the policy making and decision-making processes, including the adoption of laws and access to information.

Furthermore, the Open Government Partnership strongly impacts the innovations, development and competitiveness.

Macedonia's Letter of Intent to Join OGP:


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