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Five Ways to Explore the Toolkit and Case Navigator for Open Government

Cinco formas en las que puedes usar la Caja de herramientas y buscador de gobierno abierto

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Karine Badr|

Reformers inside and outside governments across the world face all sorts of different challenges. And no two challenges are the same. Yet, I am asked the same question during almost every OECD open government mission: Where can we find inspirational open government practices and tools to put into practice? 

With the adoption of the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Open Government in 2017, a key opportunity presented itself. As we worked on developing a toolkit to support countries’ implementation of the 10 pillars of the Recommendation, we knew we did not want to create yet another toolkit. We had an integrated platform in mind, a one-stop-shop that could be used as a compass to guide reformers and a filter for the vast amount of toolkits, methods, handbooks and cases out there. So we decided to team up with the OECD’s Observatory for Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), and the OGP Support Unit, to do just that. 

The “Toolkit and Case Navigator for Open Government” is a unique platform for reformers looking for inspiration and resources. It connects users that are facing a challenge or problem with (1) concrete “how-to” information, (2) innovative good practice cases that exemplify a solution, and (3) open government experts to help take the discussion forward. 

Want to learn more? Here are five different ways you can use the platform: 

  1. Get inspired: Novel initiatives to strengthen transparency, integrity, accountability and stakeholder participation are being implemented every day. The platform features a library of cases from across the world, easily searchable by geography or topic. Have you heard of the winners of our recent call for innovative open government practices? Check out some great cases from Argentina, Ireland, Spain and Tunisia
  2. Get practical: There is a myriad of toolkits that can help you develop the necessary skills to implement your open government innovation. Depending on your needs, the platform will guide you through the range of toolkits available so that you find one suited for the challenge at hand. Have we missed an important toolkit? Share yours here
  3. Get talking: The platform features more than just useful resources. It also allows you to get in touch with peers, experts and the reformers behind the innovative cases featured.  Register here and get talking! 
  4. Get the real deal: We have made sure to include details on the impact of the cases featured on our platform, on the partnerships that were necessary to implement them, and most importantly, on the lessons learned throughout the process. Not your ordinary case description!
  5. Get specific: Open government is being applied in all sectors and fields. The OECD and OGP are therefore launching thematic calls for good practice cases on a regular basis. Our latest call is on deliberative processes used by public institutions for policy-making. There is more to come, so stay tuned!

In addition to these features, we’re developing a program that will offer you specific tools and case studies and connect you with fellow experts based on the specific problem you are facing or your desired action. Are you looking to develop a new open government strategy and want to ensure it will lead to concrete results? Want to focus more on the local level? Or are you finding it difficult to monitor and evaluate an open government initiative? Get in touch and tell us more by emailing  

The power of open government lies in the collaborative efforts of reformers inside and outside governments. Help us make the Toolkit and Case Navigator a living and useful resource. Join the community!

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