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Latin America and the Open Government Partnership [INFOGRAPHIC]

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With more than 500 million people or 86 per cent of Latin America’s total population residing in OGP participating countries already, Latin America is becoming a world leader in open government, with rich experiences to share both within and beyond the region. In the infographic (below) we take a look at some of the open government commitments countries in the region have made. On the 10th and 11th January 2013, Chile hosts an OGP Regional Outreach Meeting, bringing together civil society organisations, policy leaders and representatives of industry for a series of workshops, presentations and panel discussions focusing on open government developments in Latin America. The event will also be used as an opportunity to formally announce the declaration of Argentina to join the OGP. You can receive live updates from the event on Twitter via the hashtag #OGPChile or by following @OGPChile_2013 and @opengovpart. OGP infographic Latin America The infographic can be downloaded from Flickr and embedded on your own website or blog via

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