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OGP Local: New Plans, New Commitments

​​OGP Local: Nuevos planes, nuevos compromisos

José María Marín|

This blog was updated on 13 October 2021.

OGP Local is now more flexible, sustainable, inclusive and innovative than ever beforeSince welcoming 56 new local members in 2020 we’ve received 35 new action plans with over 120 new commitments. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local members had to work through challenging conditions to bring together citizens, community groups, civil society organizations, government institutions, and academia to co-create their action plans. Despite this, members safely held 450 meetings, most of them online. Looking forward, new and pioneer members are planning to engage more than 900 people inside and outside of government to implement these commitments. 

When it comes to these action plans and commitments reviewed and tagged by OGP,  just over one third (see graph below) focus on strengthening public participation, showing the will of local jurisdictions to work with citizens on a variety of topics like climate change, education, health as well as infrastructure and transportation. 

Engaging marginalized communities including persons with disabilities, women, and youth, using open data to tackle some pressing issues such as climate change or ensuring an open response to COVID-19 and improving public services like health and nutrition, education, and water and sanitation were also popular themes.  

Proportion of tagged commitments by policy area. Graph created by Open Government Partnership based on data as of 13 September, 2021.

By the end of this year, we expect a total of 65 new action plans but in the meantime, we invite you to check out the new action plans and commitments to see what the new generation of open government champions are up to.

 As OGP marks its 10th anniversary,  we are reminded of the optimism and energy reformers in and outside of government harnessed when they launched the Partnership. OGP Local provides a platform to collaborate, to learn from each other, and to co-create solutions together to meet the unprecedented challenges ahead. At the upcoming OGP Global Summit in Seoul and online, we will look at some of the commitments reformers at the local level are championing to build more transparent, inclusive, participatory, and accountable governments. 

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Ahmad Fahim Faizyar Reply

Hard work of our colleagues in local OGP to be appreciated

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