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Open Prison Data and Civil Society Oversight in Argentina

Open Government Partnership 2020 Annual Report Read about the actions OGP took in 2020 to engage and activate the open government community and respond to the pandemic and its multiple challenges.

This example was featured in the OGP 2020 Annual Report. Read the full report here.

As part of its 2017-2019 Action Plan, Argentina created a public database of audit recommendations and compliance information from the Federal Prison Service. Government collaborated with academia and civil society to ensure the final design significantly increased civil society organizations’ ability to monitor the penitentiary system. The government’s 2019-2021 Action Plan will further strengthen public oversight of the prison system by establishing a National Penitentiary Diagnosis. This annual study will be collaboratively designed by the government, civil society organizations, and academia and evaluate the penitentiary system from a human rights perspective.

Learn more about the commitments » AR0050 | AR0088

Featured Photo: Argentine reformers meet to discuss the 2019-2021 commitment on transparency and oversight in federal prisons. Credit: Gobierno Abierto – Secretaría de Innovación Pública

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