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Open Government and COVID-19

Learn what OGP and others are saying and doing to promote the open government values of accountability, transparency, inclusivity, and responsiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apolitical Opinion Series

In partnership with Apolitical, we’re releasing a series of opinion pieces showcasing what governments and civil society organizations are doing to preserve open government principles amidst challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and ensure an open response and open recovery.

OGP's Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus

Many in the open government community are deeply involved in their country’s response and recovery. This guide is a one-stop shop for the best current resources on how open government projects and approaches can support tackling the pandemic.


Public Procurement

  • Open Contracting Partnership staff share five public procurement responses for navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. | Read it here.
  • Hivos discusses the crucial role of open contracting and transparency in the context of Latin America’s health purchases for COVID-19. | Read it here.

Civic Space

  • As government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupt civil society globally, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace shares new forms of civic activism taking shape and how to scale them up. | Read it here.
  • CIVICUS shares five key principles to define a post COVID-19 world | Read it here.
  • CIVICUS shares an open letter to donors and supporters asking them to act to ensure civil society resilience against COVID-19 pandemic. | Read it here.
  • As governments put in place extreme measures to contain the spread of the virus, many of which have curtailed human and labor rights, Sharan Burrow, Vice-Chair, The B Team asks the question: What will a world with less free speech and freedom of assembly mean for business? | Read it here.

Data & Digital Governance

  • COVID-19 is raising multiple questions, and the world is relying on data to get answers. The Open Data Charter and the OECD Digital Government and Data Unit have partnered to launch an international collaboration to identify high value open data in a pandemic. | Learn more here.

Extractive Industries

  • As the extractive sector rebuilds from a period of volatile commodity prices, lockdowns and demand shocks, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) says civil society organizations can help rebuild the confidence of international partners. | Read more here.

Fiscal Openness

  • Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) shares insights to generate fiscal openness in emergency response and stimulus packages, from budget, macro, and revenue perspectives. | Read it here.

Gender and Inclusion

  • Power 3.0 highlights why disinformation targeting women undermines democratic institutions. | Read it here.
  • Data 2x discusses why disaggregating COVID-19 data can help in achieving health equity for women and girls. | Read it here.
  • The United Nations Foundations writes about the “shadow pandemic” occurring along side COVID-19 – the unraveling of worldwide progress toward gender equality. | Read it here.
  • UN Women explains why data is so crucial for understanding how and why pandemics result in an increase in violence against women and girls. | Read it here.
  • Oxfam Canada explains why COVID-19 solutions require a feminist approach. | Read it here.
  • Nuray Özbay of UN Women’s San Francisco Chapter discusses the gendered impacts of COVID-19 and outlines measures governments can take right now to reduce them. | Read more here.
  • Foreign Affairs highlights how Taiwan is harnessing civic technology to respond to COVID-19. | Read it here.


  • Liviana Zorzi of UNDP explores the “new possible” for justice after COVID-19 – digital, open and inclusive courts. | Read it here.
  • Pathfinders shares tools to help us build more peaceful, just and inclusive societies during and after this the COVID-19 crisis. | Read more here. 
  • leaders from the City of Buenos Aires’ judicial branch reflect on their efforts to promote openness & accountability and ensure the delivery of justice services during the pandemic. | Read it here.
  • The justice community’s “Justice for All and the Public Health Emergency” briefing explores the key justice challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. | Read more here.
  • In World Politics Review, Center for International Cooperation’s Céline Monnier and g7+ Deputy General Secretary Habib Mayar examine the risks the COVID-19 pandemic poses to fragile and conflict-affected countries. | Read more here.
  • Congo Research Group director Jason Stearns co-authored a correspondence article in The Lancet modeling the effects of a COVID-19 outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. | Read it here.

Public Service Delivery

  • The Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST) released a statement calling for increased transparency, accountability and participation in the infrastructure sector. | Read it here.
  • Engineers Against Poverty discusses the impact of COVID-19 on infrastructure and services projects. | Read it here.


  • Transparency International emphasizes the need for transparency, accountability, and integrity during the #COVID19 pandemic. | Read more here.
  • The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) examines the threats to resource transparency from the pandemic and offers ideas on what it will take to keep transparency on track. | Read it here.

Cross-Thematic Materials

  • Cicely Marston, Alicia Renedo and Sam Miles of DEPTH Research Group share why community participation is essential in the collective response to COVID-19 – from compliance with lockdown, to the steps that need to be taken as countries ease restrictions, to community support through volunteering.| Read it here.
  • In their Participo series, open gov experts at OECD share perspectives on digital deliberation, how to design online citizens’ assemblies, and more. | Read them here.
  • Experts from the World Bank write about the need for high levels of collaboration between government and citizens to defeat the pandemic and how clear, accurate, and real-time information from government increases citizen trust. | Read it here.
  • Experts at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace reflect on the many impacts COVID-19 will have on democratic governance around the world. | Read it here.

What We're Writing


An Open Government Antidote to COVID-19

The spread of Covid-19 has closed much of the world, and the strain on healthcare and other essential workers is unprecedented. For the most vulnerable, lockdowns impose extreme hardships. It will take the collective action of citizens, civil society and governments to respond and recover from this pandemic. But in order to be fair and effective, that response and recovery must be open and inclusive.

Open Response Teal

A Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus: Privacy Protections

Governments are collecting unprecedented amounts of personal data to support vital public health efforts, such as tracking COVID-19 transmission and enforcing quarantine. In particular, governments and corporations are collecting and processing citizens’ health and geolocation data on a massive scale.

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