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The following text was contributed by the Government of Spain. 

The Government of Spain believes that transparency should be the core principle of public action. Only with transparent and accessible Public Institutions our citizens can participate in public decisions that concern them with a better understanding of their governments and, if so, make those in Government accountable for their decisions and actions.

Trust in our Institutions can only be guaranteed if there are useful instruments to answer our citizen´s needs as well as a reflection of their priorities. With this aim, Spain welcomed the launching of the Open Government Partnership, as a platform to improve the measures we had been taking so far by sharing experiences at an international level but also as an instrument to push ourselves towards better standards of Open Government.

Our Action Plan presented in 2012 identified the main measures we intended to adopt to give a response to what we considered there were our main challenges.  I our view, our efforts should be focused on improving public integrity and the use of public resources as a way to provide better public services to our citizens. In line with this spirit the government has been working in several measures, being an example the submission to Congress the Draft Law on Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance.

Thanks to its membership to the OGP, Spain has had the opportunity to better understand what the citizens are claiming for and to work in order to achieve better standards of public trust in our Institutions. We know the path is long but our commitment is strong.



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