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Implementing SDG16+ Through the Open Government Partnership

Implementando ODS16+ A Través De Open Government Partnership


The challenge of building peaceful, just and inclusive societies is at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These global goals, agreed at the United Nations by all countries in 2015, are designed to provide a roadmap for a better world by 2030. The Open Government Partnership (OGP) can be a vital partner to achieve these goals.

Four years since the SDGs were agreed, there is widespread concern that implementation is so badly off-track for most targets that a dramatic shift in action will be needed to make significant progress by 2030. It is vital that 2019 is a year where people are inspired to take more ambitious action and commit to making the 2020s a decade of delivery. Open government can be a strategic tool to help with implementation across the 17 SDGs.





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We very much welcome the implementation of SDG 16 + through the Open Government Partnership if the development of the 17 SDGs is in line with the principles of OGP, in this case citizen participation and principle of co-creation.

Jorge Elecer Pastran Pastran Reply

Con toda seguridad, la OGP, y las estratgias del Gobierno Abirto, son fundamentales para el logro de los ODS.
El problema, es la socialización de unos y otros para que haya empoderamiento por la soiedad y las estructuras gubernamentales, para así superar las barreras de orden cultural.

Jorge Elecer Pastran Pastran Reply

De acuerdo.

Nelson Reply

I am really excited that OGP is bringing to fore the challenges that SDG 16+ is designed to respond to. I have been working the space and I think OGP involvement will be a boost to releasing the intentions of SDG 16 +

Maria Guadalupe S Morales Núñez Reply

Sigo las acciones de cumplimiento de los ODS desde 2015, sin duda depende de la transparencia, rendición de cuentas, y participación ciudadana como el mecanismo más importantes para cumplir las metas de la Agenda 2030.
El discurso debe transitar a la acción. El aporte tecnológico en estos procesos es fundamental,

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