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Taking the OGP Co-Creation Process Online – Implementing Commitments

Cómo llevar el proceso de cocreación de OGP a un espacio virtual - Implementación de compromisos

Transposer en ligne le processus de co-création du PGO - Mise en oeuvre des engagements

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OGP countries are expected to meet at least the following minimum requirements for engagement during the implementation phase:

  • Publish regular updates (i.e. at least every six months) on the progress of commitments, including progress against milestones, reasons for any delays, next steps.
  • Hold at least two open meetings with civil society (one per year) on the implementation of the action plan.
  • Convene the multi-stakeholder forum at least quarterly to monitor and deliberate on how to improve the implementation of the action plan.

At a basic level, governments can inform civil society and the public on how commitments are progressing in real-time, as theGovernment of Argentina has done via Trello. At a more advanced level, the Italian government’s online repository hosted on their national OGP website is a good example.

Engagement should not end with the approval of an action plan or agreement on policy changes needed. Engagement during the implementation phase can be used to:

  • Informing the design for commitments that involve developing new policies, regulations, or legislation. For example, the government of Armenia enables public voting, commenting and feedback on draft legal acts.
  • Seeking inputs, ideas, expertise, preferences, evidence, or resources to address a specific aspect of implementing a commitment.
  • Soliciting contributions from communities directly impacted by specific commitments on implementation planning in order to gauge needs, test underlying assumptions, designs and goals and assess how ground realities might impact planning and implementation.
  • Receiving feedback from intended beneficiaries or users, or access technical expertise needed to implement commitments. The government of Paraguay provides a good example of engaging citizens in the implementation of its 2014-16 action plan, using a combination of live streaming, dashboards, and web platforms and news. The Philippines’ Check My School initiative is also an example of enabling citizen monitoring of a specific commitment in the Philippines action plan.

Based on the specific needs during the implementation phase, crowdsourcing, prioritization, deliberation or drafting techniques can be useful. Here again, based on your target audience and the type and specificity of issues for which you’re seeking engagement, you can either choose to use more sophisticated tools and platforms for engagement, or deploy low tech options.

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