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Latin American countries’ OGP Action Plans

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As Latin American governments and their civil society partners meet in Santiago to discuss the Open Government Partnership, we consider their OGP commitments. Of the 58 countries that make OGP, 15 are of Latin America and the Caribbean. 11 of the 15 countries – Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay – are implementing action plans, comprising a total of 243 initiatives. Of these, 46% are linked to commitments on public integrity and 27% are related to the improvement of public services. There is a balance between initiatives linked to more effectively managing public resources (14%) and those that increase accountability and corporate responsibility (12%). A common denominator present in most of the action plans is the design and implementation of public open data portals based either on commitments to integrity and transparency or to the modernization of public administration through technology.

Many thanks to Álvaro Ramirez Alujas, Founder of the Group of Investigation in Government, Administration and Public Policy (GIGAPP), for this analysis. Read what Álvaro has to say about the OGP regional meeting taking place in Chile on 10th and 11th of January 2013.