The following text was contributed by the Government of Colombia. 

One of the mayor challenges faced by Colombia has been the promotion of good governance principles -effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, accountability and fighting corruption- for the development and implementation of its policies. The Open Government Partnership -OGP- has been a crucial tool to encourage these principles and, moreover, to strengthen the initiatives adopted by the country.

Likewise, the OGP has been a key driver for building dialogue and collaboration scenarios between the National Government, civil society and the private sector, thus promoting cultural change through the joint construction and monitoring of the Action Plan.

Within this framework, the consolidation of public strategies for the country’s economic and social development has been fostered through government initiatives such as e-Government, service delivery improvement, ICT culture and plain language implementation, transparency initiatives, citizen participation and accountability.

Thus, Colombia now has a great opportunity to share and implement best practices and establish a new global standard for good governance, transparency and the collaborative construction of public policies.

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