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The following text was contributed by the Government of Lithuania. 

Lithuania recognises that the Open Government development ideas, oriented towards transparency of the activities of public administration authorities and increasing of their responsibility, public involvement in the decision making processes, clearer legal regulation and combating corruption are important and relevant in the country's public administration.

We believe that an Open Government must put every effort to open up the information it holds to the public and to make it easily accessible and comprehensible. An Open Government should enable active public participation in the decision-making on the issues important for the Government and society and ensure a service quality satisfying the public needs as well as efficient and transparent use of public resources.

We recognise that the use of new technologies and the implementation of other e-Government instruments play an important role in the development of open Government initiatives. We also agree that open-Government initiatives should be developed together with other principles of good management and thus become an integral part of the culture of Government activities. It is in this context that the Government of Lithuania sees the open government initiative as an international and unanimous forum that complements, supports and strengthens the efforts of each individual country towards openness in government. The Open Government Partnership enables the countries, while sharing experience and guidance by common values, to achieve their individual objectives sooner and more successfully.

The Lithuanian Government is committed to the principles of transparency, effectiveness and accountability. The Nordic and Baltic states have been cooperating on these issues for many years and thus remarkable results have been achieved. Some of the best practices used in this region deserve to be studied in other parts of the world. The Open Government Partnership initiative could offer an excellent opportunity to Lithuania and our regional partners to share this experience with other countries and spread the progressive ideas of better governance to the rest of the world.

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