Joined 2013

Munkhbat Jamiyan
Chairman, Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia
Minister of Mongolia
Member of Parliament of Mongolia

“New commitments under the Second National Action plan will reinforce the Government of Mongolia’s efforts toward an open and transparent government”

The development and implementation of Mongolia’s first National Action plan taught us a lot and has guided us on how to make improvements in our approach. As there is a second National Action Plan just recently developed and approved by the National Council, we are determined to see improvements, tangible results and impacts.

The recent passage of the National Program for Anti-corruption and other commitments for transparency, accountability and good governance which are reflected in the Government of Mongolia’s Action Plan for 2016-2020 will certainly result in positive achievements. These advances will help Mongolia keep pace with international best practice and allow us to make excellent contributions to the international community.    

IRM Flyer on Mongolia's Action Plans:

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