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There are currently 20 members in the OGP Local Program. Over the last three years, OGP Local has brought together open government champions and reformers from all sectors including government, civil society and everyday citizens to co-create and implement ambitious and transformative Action Plans. Comprised of commitments on open contracting, public service provision, gender, transparency, inclusion of marginalized communities and more these Action Plans seek to solve some of the most pressing issues in governance and highlight the complexity of issues faced by local governments around the world. Representing over 74 million citizens, OGP Local members are spread across all regions and illustrate the diversity in types of local governments.

OGP is currently working on the implementation of a new local strategy approved in May 2019. More information about program updates, eligibility requirements, and future calls for expressions of interest will be posted as information becomes available. More information on the background for developing the new strategy, and the key shifts from our existing strategy can be found in this blog here.

The regional break-down of the current OGP Local members is: Africa & Middle East (4), Asia Pacific (4), Americas (7), Europe (5).

OGP Local members are organized into two cohorts according to year (even and odd), similar to the National Action Plan process. The current cohorts are as follows:

2018-2020 (even)

2019-2021 (odd)

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