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The following text was contributed by the Government of Montenegro. 

Montenegro is supporting and will continue to support and promote the culture of openness of administration authorities; it will proactively publish information and encourage citizens to exercise their right to access information, and also instil confidence in citizens regarding the institutions of the system.

It is exactly the commitment to these goals that guided the Government of Montenegro to get engaged in the OGP Initiative. This initiative is a significant incentive for implementation of the concept of good management in Montenegro. Also, Montenegro intends to be a part of the global network and take part in exchange of experience and knowledge in this area.

Joining the OGP Initiative is a clear message that reforms that we are implementing are not being implemented for the sake of fulfilling the assigned conditions but for the sake of improving the quality of life of Montenegrin citizens.

Government of Montenegro implemented the entire process in cooperation with the representatives of the USA Embassy in Montenegro and support and contribution of NGOs which expressed interests through active participation.

We have learned that it is very difficult to raise awareness about importance of public participation and to make something interesting for the whole society. Also, we have realized that we have to act in order to raise awareness that the public should give us some new ideas, not just to criticize.



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