The following text was contributed by the Government of Sweden. 

By joining the Open Government Partnership, Sweden reaffirmed its commitment to open government efforts both in principle and practice. Sweden, with its long tradition of transparency, citizen engagement and efforts to build an effective and accountable government, embraces the ideas of the initiative. Sweden’s Action Plan and engagement focus on the challenge of More Effectively Managing Public Resources in development cooperation. Sweden has launched a reform agenda under the heading “Open Aid”. An essential part of this agenda is the Aid Transparency Guarantee in Swedish Development Cooperation which was established in 2010, including Sweden’s flagship website, launched in April 2011.  The step was taken to better adapt development cooperation to today’s reality and the opportunities created by globalisation and technological development. Through consultations and dialogue with CSOs, Sweden continuously receives input to the process and reviews how to publish more data in response to feedback from CSOs and to move closer to complete fulfilment of the IATI standard.

More specifically, to ensure increased transparency in Swedish development cooperation, Sweden is committed to:

  • Continuing the development of the platform.
  • Ensuring full implementation of the IATI standard by 2015.
  • Implementing the commitments in the Busan Partnership document
  • Playing a leading role in the Building Block on Transparency and other international forum.
  • Contributing to further define the work towards an EU Transparency Guarantee
  • Engaging in the Open Aid Partnership and promoting ICT4D
  • Broadening open government commitments

Sweden's Letter of Intent to Join OGP:

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