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The following text was contributed by the Government of Ukraine. 

Why did Ukraine join the Open Government Partnership Initiative?

Development of elements of the Open Government Partnership in Ukraine is one of the ways to strengthen democracy and promote civil society development.

In close partnership between the Government and civic society bodies it is planned to expand tools for citizens’ participation in public affairs, provide access to public information, using effective instruments against corruption, and provide government efficiency (improving the quality of administrative services and the development of e-government).

How was the Open Government Partnership Action Plan developed?

A draft National Action Plan had been discussed in the regions of Ukraine. It was finalized by the working group with the participation of representatives of leading civic organizations.

By the results of the National Roundtable with the participation of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Government approved the National Action Plan on April of 2012. And the detailed Action Plan was approved in July of 2012.

An abstract from the achieved liabilities

Citizen participation

- laws that expand rights of NGOs and charitable organizations were adopted;

- a unified ‘access point’ for discussion of projects of state decisions - the governmental web site "Civil Society and the Government" ( is external)) operates;

- the authorities held over 5600 public consultation in 2012–2013 years.

Ensuring access to public information

- in pursuance of the Law of Ukraine On Access to Public Information the executive authorities provided more than 90 000 responses to requests for information from May of 2011 (beginning of operation of the Law) up to August of 2013;

- a documentation package regarding joining the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) was prepared and submitted.

Preventing and combating corruption

- five laws on preventing and combating corruption were passed;

- a public discussion of implementation of the National Program for Preventing and Combating Corruption was held and its provisions are to be improved by the results of it.

Promotion of good governance

- a Law on Administrative Services was passed;

- about 140 regional centers of administrative services were created;

- a Strategy of Information Society Development in Ukraine was approved;

- the first stage of an automated system named "One Stop Shop for E-Reporting" was developed;

- electronic services that provide administrative services in the regions of Ukraine were launched.


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