The Government of Mexico joined OGP with the conviction that societies call for more transparent, responsible and accountable governments.

As one of the eight founding countries, the government of Mexico presented its Action Plan in September 2011. The Plan initially consisted of commitments from the Federal Public Administration, but had not considered the participation of civil society.

Thereafter, a new phase to complement the Plan with CSO’s proposals started, which led to the establishment of a Technical Tripartite Secretariat (STT) with one representative from government (Ministry of Public Administration), one from civil society (Fundar), and one from the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI). This way, an Extended Action Plan was drafted including both, government and civil society, commitment proposals.

36 commitments by the Mexican Government emerged from this process. At times, it has been complex to follow up on all of them. However, the OGP process has delivered significant outcomes, such as the publication of data sets for budget transparency or the listing of school expenditure in Mexico City, which allowed learning about the inequality of budget allocation distribution. 

The STT has ensured an agreement that allows a dialogue between public agencies and CSO. The first Action Plan left valuable lessons, such as the need to broaden the participation of civil society. Hence, for the development of the 2013-2015 Action Plan the STT carefully set up a methodology that would encompass more stakeholders in such dialogue.

The Mexican Government has sustained its commitment to the Partnership, after the recent change in administration. The continuity of the OGP local process was guaranteed greatly due to the participation of both CSO’s and IFAI. The Mexican Government aims to higher commitments as it prepares to co-chair the Partnership as of October 2013.

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