The following text was contributed by the Government of New Zealand. 

New Zealand’s first Action Plan will focus on the Government’s following commitments:

· Better Public Services Results programme

· Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017

· Kia Tūtahi relationship accord (communities and government standing together); and

· Transparency International New Zealand’s 2013 National Integrity System Assessment report.


The Better Public Services (BPS) Results programme has shown that improving public services requires a commitment to collective impact.  We need to work with our partners outside of government to improve service delivery and address cross-cutting issues.  We must put New Zealanders at the centre of designing and delivering public services, particularly where their needs span several agencies.  We understand that solutions to difficult problems can come from many sources.

The BPS Results’ 2014 mid-year report shows progress is being made.  However, further work must be done to strengthen BPS objectives as well as embedding our commitment to OGP principles.  Agencies must shift collaborative practice from the margin to the core of their business.

New Zealand’s Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017 is a programme of initiatives aimed at unlocking the value of government information and harnessing technology to deliver better trusted public services.  We need to tap into the data and information government holds and use it in ways that deliver smarter, faster, benefits to New Zealanders.  This transformation brings with it many challenges; chief among these being how we deliver change and new services at a speed that is needed.

New Zealand’s two other commitments are in the initial stages.  As more information becomes available either the Action Plan will be amended or updates of the projects will be published on New Zealand’s OGP web page.

Over time we will continue to work with New Zealanders to build on these commitments and identify new opportunities to advance OGP goals.

We know we cannot rest on our laurels.  We have much to achieve and we look forward to working with New Zealanders and our international partners to increase greater openness, accountability and participation in improving services to the public.


New Zealand's Letter of Intent to join OGP:


NOTE: On 21 April 2016, the Government of New Zealand notified the OGP Support Unit of its intention to extend the consultation process for its second action plan.  More information is available in the attached letter below:

IRM Flyer on New Zealand's Action Plans:

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