1. Access to Public Information

    UY0001, , Capacity Building

  2. E-Citizen Participation

    UY0004, , Public Participation

  3. Digital Literacy Plan

    UY0006, , Capacity Building

  4. National Public Software

    UY0011, , Public Participation

  5. Starred commitment Online Procedures and Services

    UY0012, , Public Participation

  6. E-Funds Citizens

    UY0013, , Capacity Building

  7. Uruguayan State Portal

    UY0015, , Public Participation

  8. Strengthening the Culture of Citizen Participation in Uruguay

    UY0019, , Capacity Building

  9. Open Government: Everyone's Business and All

    UY0020, , Capacity Building

  10. Open Government Funds

    UY0021, , Public Participation

  11. E-Collaboration Citizen: Tramites.Gub.Uy

    UY0022, , Public Participation

  12. Improvement Plan Instances of Citizen Participation and the Link with Citizens Through the Inter Tables Public Social Policies

    UY0024, , Capacity Building

  13. Dialogue and Consultation System

    UY0026, , Public Participation

  14. Promotion and Dissemination of the Right of Access to Public Information

    UY0027, , Access to Information

  15. Open Government Data

    UY0032, , Access to Information

  16. Starred commitment Cadastre Open

    UY0034, , Land and Spatial Planning

  17. Dissemination of Information for the Exercise of the Rights of Users of Health

    UY0036, , Access to Information

  18. National Public Software

    UY0041, , Capacity Building

  19. Transparency in the Management of Cultural Projects

    UY0042, , Public Participation

  20. Closeness Government: Council of Ministers Open

    UY0059, , Public Participation

  21. National Youth Advisory Council

    UY0060, , Capacity Building

  22. Strengthening the Culture of Citizen Participation in Uruguay (Phase2)

    UY0061, , Capacity Building

  23. Promote and Strengthen the Autonomy of the Consultative Council of Civil Society Set up Under Law 19.122

    UY0062, , Capacity Building

  24. Consultations and Dialogue on International Instruments

    UY0064, , Capacity Building

  25. Follow the Recommendations of the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

    UY0066, , Capacity Building

  26. Dialogue for the Analysis of the Impact of Information Society on Human Rights

    UY0065, , Capacity Building

  27. Access to Information in the Judiciary

    UY0068, , Access to Information

  28. Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

    UY0069, , Capacity Building

  29. Environmental Monitoring Points

    UY0070, , Access to Information

  30. Starred commitment National Water Plan

    UY0072, , Capacity Building

  31. Postal Dialogue

    UY0073, , Capacity Building

  32. Transparency and Open Data Education

    UY0076, , Access to Information

  33. Formalize Building Maintenance in Schools Full Time: a Participatory Alternative

    UY0077, , Capacity Building

  34. Inclusion and Continuing Education of People with Disabilities

    UY0078, , Capacity Building

  35. Art Education: Dissemination of Educational Proposals and Preparation of a Conceptual Framework for Improving Public Policy

    UY0080, , Capacity Building

  36. Dialogue and Information on Care System

    UY0081, , Access to Information

  37. Starred commitment Right of Access to Public Information

    UY0083, , Access to Information

  38. Open Data and Statistics

    UY0086, , Access to Information

  39. Who Controls What? Online Catalog of the Functions and Powers of Existing Control State Agencies

    UY0087, , Access to Information

  40. Citizen Access Point

    UY0089, , Capacity Building

  41. Financial Information Accessible and Open

    UY0092, , Access to Information

  42. Budget Transparency Portal

    UY0085, , Capacity Building

  43. Access to Information and Open Data in Rivera

    UY0093, , Access to Information

  44. Starred commitment Citizen Monitoring Air Quality

    UY0097, , Access to Information

  45. Data and Information Montevideo

    UY0098, , Access to Information

  46. Departmental Policy Open Data

    UY0094, , Access to Information

  47. Starred commitment Departmental Policy Open Government

    UY0095, , Access to Information

  48. System Monitoring Utility Citizen

    UY0096, , Capacity Building

  49. Implementation of the National Water Plan

    UY0099, , Access to Information

  50. Observatory on Gender-Based Violence Against Women

    UY0102, , Access to Information

  51. Human Trafficking Prevention

    UY0104, , Capacity Building

  52. Complaint Reception and Processing System

    UY0105, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  53. Access to Information Law

    UY0108, , Access to Information

  54. Gender Perspective to Access to Information

    UY0109, , Access to Information

  55. State Web Portal

    UY0110, , Access to Information

  56. Canelones' Participation System

    UY0115, , Capacity Building

  57. Student Participation

    UY0116, , Capacity Building

  58. National Dance Plan

    UY0118, , Gender

  59. Human Rights Education Plan

    UY0119, , Access to Justice

  60. Human Rights Report

    UY0120, , Civic Space

  61. Sustainable Development Strategy

    UY0121, , Public Participation

  62. Gender and Youth Perspective in Rural Areas

    UY0122, , Gender

  63. Observatory for Equality and Non-Discrimination

    UY0123, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  64. Open Cadastre

    UY0128, , Access to Information

  65. Budget Transparency Portal

    UY0129, , Access to Information

  66. National Energy Efficiency Plan

    UY0130, , Access to Information

  67. Accountability for the Commitments of the Departmental Government of Rivera

    UY0133, , Access to Information

  68. Open Data from Internet of Things

    UY0136, , Access to Information

  69. Cybersecurity Strategy

    UY0137, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  70. Citizen Participation in Public Procurement

    UY0138, , Anti Corruption and Integrity

  71. Accessibility of Digital Government Services

    UY0147, , Access to Information

  72. Strengthening Participation in Aging Policy

    UY0148, , Capacity Building

  73. Access to Information for Women Empowerment

    UY0153, , Gender

  74. Strengthening Digital Citizen Participation

    UY0154, , Capacity Building

  75. Co-Creation of the National Action Plan on Human Rights

    UY0155, , Human Rights

  76. System for Public Environmental Complaints

    UY0156, , Access to Information

  77. Participative Process for the Preparation of Uruguay's Second Nationally Determined Contribution

    UY0158, , Access to Information

  78. Strengthening Digital Citizen Participation in the Parliament

    UY0160, , Democratizing Decision-Making

  79. New Perspectives on Copyright Law

    UY0162, , Capacity Building