1. Access to Public Information

    UY0001, 2012, Capacity Building

  2. E-Citizen Participation

    UY0004, 2012, Public Participation

  3. Digital Literacy Plan

    UY0006, 2012, Capacity Building

  4. National Public Software

    UY0011, 2012, E-Government

  5. Starred commitment Online Procedures and Services

    UY0012, 2012, E-Government

  6. E-Funds Citizens

    UY0013, 2012, Capacity Building

  7. Uruguayan State Portal

    UY0015, 2012, E-Government

  8. Strengthening the Culture of Citizen Participation in Uruguay

    UY0019, 2014, Capacity Building

  9. Open Government: Everyone's Business and All

    UY0020, 2014, Capacity Building

  10. Open Government Funds

    UY0021, 2014, Public Participation

  11. E-Collaboration Citizen: Tramites.Gub.Uy

    UY0022, 2014, E-Government

  12. Improvement Plan Instances of Citizen Participation and the Link with Citizens Through the Inter Tables Public Social Policies

    UY0024, 2014, Capacity Building

  13. Dialogue and Consultation System

    UY0026, 2014, Public Participation

  14. Promotion and Dissemination of the Right of Access to Public Information

    UY0027, 2014, Access to Information

  15. Open Government Data

    UY0032, 2014, Access to Information

  16. Starred commitment Cadastre Open

    UY0034, 2014, E-Government

  17. Dissemination of Information for the Exercise of the Rights of Users of Health

    UY0036, 2014, Access to Information

  18. National Public Software

    UY0041, 2014, Capacity Building

  19. Transparency in the Management of Cultural Projects

    UY0042, 2014, E-Government

  20. Closeness Government: Council of Ministers Open

    UY0059, 2016, E-Government

  21. National Youth Advisory Council

    UY0060, 2016, Capacity Building

  22. Strengthening the Culture of Citizen Participation in Uruguay (Phase2)

    UY0061, 2016, Capacity Building

  23. Promote and Strengthen the Autonomy of the Consultative Council of Civil Society Set up Under Law 19.122

    UY0062, 2016, Capacity Building

  24. Consultations and Dialogue on International Instruments

    UY0064, 2016, Capacity Building

  25. Follow the Recommendations of the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women

    UY0066, 2016, Capacity Building

  26. Dialogue for the Analysis of the Impact of Information Society on Human Rights

    UY0065, 2016, Capacity Building

  27. Access to Information in the Judiciary

    UY0068, 2016, Access to Information

  28. Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

    UY0069, 2016, Capacity Building

  29. Environmental Monitoring Points

    UY0070, 2016, Access to Information

  30. Starred commitment National Water Plan

    UY0072, 2016, Anti-Corruption

  31. Postal Dialogue

    UY0073, 2016, Capacity Building

  32. Transparency and Open Data Education

    UY0076, 2016, Access to Information

  33. Formalize Building Maintenance in Schools Full Time: a Participatory Alternative

    UY0077, 2016, Capacity Building

  34. Inclusion and Continuing Education of People with Disabilities

    UY0078, 2016, Capacity Building

  35. Art Education: Dissemination of Educational Proposals and Preparation of a Conceptual Framework for Improving Public Policy

    UY0080, 2016, Capacity Building

  36. Dialogue and Information on Care System

    UY0081, 2016, Access to Information

  37. Starred commitment Right of Access to Public Information

    UY0083, 2016, Access to Information

  38. Open Data and Statistics

    UY0086, 2016, Access to Information

  39. Who Controls What? Online Catalog of the Functions and Powers of Existing Control State Agencies

    UY0087, 2016, Access to Information

  40. Citizen Access Point

    UY0089, 2016, Capacity Building

  41. Financial Information Accessible and Open

    UY0092, 2016, Access to Information

  42. Budget Transparency Portal

    UY0085, 2016, Capacity Building

  43. Access to Information and Open Data in Rivera

    UY0093, 2016, Access to Information

  44. Starred commitment Citizen Monitoring Air Quality

    UY0097, 2016, Access to Information

  45. Data and Information Montevideo

    UY0098, 2016, Access to Information

  46. Departmental Policy Open Data

    UY0094, 2016, Access to Information

  47. Starred commitment Departmental Policy Open Government

    UY0095, 2016, Access to Information

  48. System Monitoring Utility Citizen

    UY0096, 2016, Capacity Building

  49. Implementation of the National Water Plan

    UY0099, 2018, Access to Information

  50. Observatory on Gender-Based Violence Against Women

    UY0102, 2018, Access to Information

  51. Human Trafficking Prevention

    UY0104, 2018, Capacity Building

  52. Complaint Reception and Processing System

    UY0105, 2018, Anti-Corruption

  53. Access to Information Law

    UY0108, 2018, Access to Information

  54. Gender Perspective to Access to Information

    UY0109, 2018, Access to Information

  55. State Web Portal

    UY0110, 2018, Access to Information

  56. Canelones' Participation System

    UY0115, 2018, Capacity Building

  57. Student Participation

    UY0116, 2018, Capacity Building

  58. National Dance Plan

    UY0118, 2018, Gender

  59. Human Rights Education Plan

    UY0119, 2018, Access to Justice

  60. Human Rights Report

    UY0120, 2018, Civic Space

  61. Sustainable Development Strategy

    UY0121, 2018, Public Participation

  62. Gender and Youth Perspective in Rural Areas

    UY0122, 2018, Gender

  63. Observatory for Equality and Non-Discrimination

    UY0123, 2018, Gender

  64. Open Cadastre

    UY0128, 2018, Access to Information

  65. Budget Transparency Portal

    UY0129, 2018, Access to Information

  66. National Energy Efficiency Plan

    UY0130, 2018, Access to Information

  67. Accountability for the Commitments of the Departmental Government of Rivera

    UY0133, 2018, Access to Information

  68. Open Data from Internet of Things

    UY0136, 2018, Access to Information

  69. Cybersecurity Strategy

    UY0137, 2018, E-Government