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The following text was contributed by the Government of Finland. 

Finland joined the OGP in order to get a new boost to her continuous work towards active citizen participation and open government.  Finland’s first Action Plan was drafted “as openly as we were able to” as Ms. Katju Holkeri, financial counsellor in the Ministry of Finance and chairman of the OGP working group has expressed. The working group is a mix of civil society and civil servants. When drafting the Action Plan several open workshops to all citizens with video-streaming and twitter-feedback were arranged. Discussion forums and crowd-sourcing were used. Members of the working group even occupied a large shopping mall one Sunday and attracted the attention of citizens with free coffee to discuss open government and barriers to citizen participation.

The cross-cutting theme of the Finnish Action Plan is citizen’s participation. Our commitments cover four working-areas: Open Procedures, Clear Language, Open Knowledge and Government as an enabler. The commitments in the first three categories are mainly actions that government has to implement. As for the fourth area, the main actor is civil society.

The implementation of Finnish Action Plan started on the first of July 2013. So far work on most of our commitments has started. Clear Language as a working-area has stood out as a critical enabler of open government.

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