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The following text was contributed by the Government of Norway. 

Norway has participated in OGP since the initiative was taken in 2010. We also participated when the partnership was launched in New York in September in 2011.

The Foreign Ministry in Norway was originally in charge of coordinating the work with OGP in Norway. The responsibility was turned over to The Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs in January 2013. Norway is in the Steering Committee and we participate in the subcommittee Peer Learning and Support (PLS). 

In the first Norwegian Action Plan we focused on three topics:

  1. Open Public Sector and Inclusive Government:
  2. Measures to promote gender equality and women’s full participation in civic life, the private sector, the public administration and political processes:
  3. Transparency in the management of oil and gas revenues, efforts for financial transparency.

These topics were chosen since we were anxious to emphasize the necessity for financial openness connected to the income from the petroleum sector. In addition Norway wanted to share knowledge on, and experiences with, developing an open and well functioning public sector.     

As we work together to move the Open Government Partnership forward, Norway will seek to follow up areas like improving access to information, facilitating democratic participation in government and enhancing fiscal transparency and financial integrity. 

Norway is about to finalizing its second action plan. This plan will include more subject areas than the first plan. All ministries and CSOs have been consulted. Many of them have contributed with input to the OGP plan and process. The plan will be launched during the autumn 2013.


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