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Justice Policy Series, Part II: Open Justice

Justice Policy Series, Part II: Justicia Abierta en OGP


Sections of Part II will be posted here as they become available. Find the whole series here.

Open Justice – Executive Summary
This paper suggests a way forward in an area that faces several complex and growing challenges. Open justice reforms can serve as an antidote to these challenges by applying open government principles – transparency, civic participation, inclusion, and public accountability – to the justice system. This paper offers emerging guidance, examples, and recommendations for the types of open government reforms justice systems may undertake to advance open justice in their institutions.

Open Justice in the Open Government Partnership: Achievements and Challenges in Latin America (Spanish)
Justice systems in Latina America face severe and complex challenges. Open justice is a governance model that can help to address these issues. The Open Government Partnership (OGP) offers a platform for reformers to take action on open justice. Based on lessons learned from nearly 10 years of OGP reforms, this Spanish-language paper recommends that members in the region consider: 1) making more commitments related to open justice; 2) involving new actors from different parts of the justice system; and 3) ensuring that commitments improve public oversight and independence of justice institutions to improve the quality and integrity of judicial processes.


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