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Member Pages: Stories of OGP Journeys

At the member level, the first edition of the report summarizes key aspects of OGP member performance. Many OGP members do not know how they are performing relative to their peers in OGP and more broadly on implementing open government policies. The report uses IRM findings and credible third-party datasets to assess whether OGP members are contributing to more open government in selected policy dimensions.

Specifically, the report provides brief summaries of each OGP member’s work in the partnership to date, including: their action plan focus, innovations, and major accomplishments; the OGP process in the country; action plan performance; and, where action plans have made an impact across five selected dimensions of open government.

This analysis will assist reformers in government and civil society in identifying where they can potentially use the OGP action plans and peer exchange to achieve greater impact. The report will enable a much clearer analysis of areas of excellence, as well as areas for improvement. By highlighting reform areas to a broader global audience, this can help support domestic reformers to better focus action plan commitments and hopefully inspire reformers in other countries to engage, step up, and get involved. With expert reformers in OGP countries around the world, this report may incentivize and serve as a larger call to action for those seeking to play global leadership roles in their areas of thematic excellence.

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